Exploring the Psychology of Spirituality

The Genius of Genesis
Dennis G. Shulman, Ph.D., explores the first book of the Bible from a psychoanalyst's perspective in The Genius of Genesis. This extraordinary text—available in both physical and digital formats—offers insightful thoughts, intriguing theories, and fresh new perspectives on stories that have influenced the world.

About Dennis G. Shulman, Ph.D.

Dennis G. Shulman, Ph.D., an expert in religious and psychological theory. He is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice and an ordained rabbi. For more than 30 years, he has treated individuals and couples and taught and supervised mental health professionals throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Dennis G. Shulman, Ph.D., is a frequent and popular lecturer at universities, psychoanalytic training institutes, seminaries, synagogues, and churches. His lectures on psychopathology are featured in the nationally televised PBS series, The World of Abnormal Psychology.

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